How Do Branch Chain Amino Acids Work?

These are popular as supplements in the world of fitness. People either consume it as a standalone supplement powder or take it in tablet form. It also acts as a key ingredient that is found in different pre-workout formulations.

For whom it is ideal?

The BCAA powder is ideal for those who are looking to cut mass from their body. However, it is best to consume when you wish to retain your muscle mass, but wish to shred off your body fat. If you are into such a workout regime, then the consumption of BCAA powder as a pre-workout supplement would be most effective.

How it works on the human body?

When we talk of BCAA powder, unlike casein protein, this helps to recover muscle mass which happens when your body is in a catabolic state and is breaking down tissues. Often, after intense workouts, not only are body fat tissue burnt, but muscle mass as well. In this state the protein breakdown is greater but to retain muscle mass you need to ensure that the protein synthesis rate in your body remains higher than the catabolic process. Hence, with the intake of BCAAS, the protein synthesis remains higher than what you would be able to sustain with your usual dietary protein sources. With an intake of such supplement, you will be able to maximize the muscle recovery process. This will translate to better muscle growth as well.

Other benefits

Not only does protein synthesis get optimized when you take BCAA supplements, but you would be able to sustain energy levels even after a strenuous workout. Your tiredness levels would be reduced and if you consume this supplement in pre workout form, it will help you to continue your workout regime with greater energy and sustain the same for a longer time. The supplement helps to prohibit serotonin production in the body which usually rises while one exercises. This hormone leads to the feeling of fatigue during workouts. If you take BCAA powder as a pre workout supplement, you would have more energy to work out and remain invigorated during the workout sessions as well. If you wish to see greater benefits from your workout sessions and are indulging in body fat reduction exercises, it is best to resort to this powder as a pre workout supplement. However, the right dosage is important for knowledge as well as will help one to plan their workouts accordingly to see optimal results. Hence, it is important to seek advice from expert fitness trainers or dieticians who can guide one accordingly.