Brief Introduction Of Acrow Props

Acrow props are the most common construction equipment used for providing temporary support to wall, lentils or roof. They have very high application in masonry work and necessity in construction work. The acrow props Newcastle is versatile equipment and helps to reduce labor work. They are adjustable according to the size and height.

Traditionally wooden props were used in construction and as they are made of wood, so they were crafted as per required height but after their use, they were discarded when height requirement changes. But in 1935, William Di Vigier from Switzerland invented steel reinforce prop which can be adjusted according to height. This recolonizes the construction industry and helps to reduce construction cost and time.  The acrow props come in different height sizes as per load requirement. This is crucial that construction worker should be well informed about the load requirement before applying acrow propr. Because applying unsuitable acrow pros can cause fatal damage. The structural engineers and construction manager always consider the use of acrow props after carefully calculating the load requirement.

The procedure for applying the acrow prop is also critical for its maximum performance. They should be placed on a solid foundation which can bear the combined weight of acrow prop and load on it. As if the foundation will be weak that prop will be destabilized and the whole load will come to the ground. This should also ensure that prop should be erected vertically as an angle deviation of more than 1.5 degrees will displace the prop.

The material of acrow props is also critical in its performance. Reinforced steel is the most preferred material used in acrow props because steel becomes stronger under tension and resistant to rust. Using steel make these props durable and they can be used or longer time. This reduces the cost of props as they can be used in different locations at different times. Due to its adjustability one prop can serve in many different situations.

Safety precautions should be observed while using these props. The acrow props come with a safety manual and a safe working load. The threshold of the safe working load should always be kept in mind while fitting prop. As exceeding the safety load can break the prop which can result in the grounding of structure whom it supporting. If more load is required than more props can be fitted within a short distance to share the load. Otherwise bigger props can also be sued to support the same weight.

This description shows us that acrow props have made construction work easier and have daily applications. In the last 80 years, no new invention can replace acrow prop which proves its significance in the construction industry. Read this article to find out more details.