What Is Meant By An Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is a person who has completed his graduate degree in being a medical doctor that has specialized in the area of eye. They are the ones that are proper doctors and deal with the patients so that they can examine their vision and sight for that matter. These ophthalmologists have completed a medical degree and their residency too for them to be able to be called that as well. They are very experienced and are the people who become eye surgeons in the years to come or they specialize in retina repair and the treatment of glaucoma as well. They are the ones that are the most professional when it comes to the eye care.

Many people all around the world confuse an well known ophthalmologist with an optometrist and an optician whereas all of these are totally different things. Many people would just laugh it off when they hear all these three being compared but some of them even might buy this thought. And so this article would make it very obvious that these people are wrong and completely wrong for that matter and these three, all of them, are totally different and do different jobs for a living, and although all of their jobs are related to eye but still, a lot of difference as a matter of fact in there.

An optometrist is a doctor that has completed the four years of the undergraduate program and is a graduate of a university that teaches optometry for that matter. Although they are known as doctors they are not doctors in the medical terms or according to many people they are not the real doctors that know what the eyes are going through, or at least they do not know the depth of all the stuff that an ophthalmologist knows when he sees the patients he deals with. These are the people that have the license so that they can perform the best laser eye surgery Melbourne and see if the eyes are fine or no and also they can also give out prescriptions to their patient too.

They can give the prescriptions for the eye glasses that the patient might need in the future or the contact lenses that are made to be customized just for the patient that comes to this doctor, and also they are always there to discuss all about the problems people have in the vision or sightseeing as well. Now coming to an optician, he is the person that is in charge of the glasses and lenses as well, they are the ones that know the measurements of the glasses and the number of the contact lenses as well. They can give advises on the size and color of this stuff too.