Advancing Technology In Your Media Room

We have that one area that you might book in advance if you are civil, but if you are like most families, you’d probably fight for it. The room where you watch all your favorite TV shows and movies and such, is a dream like place of complete and utter relaxation. It is also one of the fewer rooms in the house that advances in technology almost every day due to new inventions for the appliances and also the media itself. New resolution movies, new quality sounds and other advances such as controlling all your media from one device or storing everything in one area where dreams just ten years ago. But in today’s world they are some of the more common items in the house. Here is a list of updated items that you can add to your collection.

Beamax Dellegno X series-projector screen (pop up version)

If you watched the sci-fi movies where the TV just pops up from the wall or the table, watch no more as it has been invented already. Belgian based Beamax’s high end projector screen is 80 inches in screen size and when you press a button, it rises up from the floor and positions itself in front of your eyes.  This screen is included in Dellegno custom series of projectors and is currently one of the best things to have in your house. It comes tailor made to the house and you can add this pop up projector into your floor, furniture or custom made area in the media room. If you are planning on redecorating your media room, then ask your custom built homes professionals to install this greatness into it

Rania Dimmer

That annoyance that pops up when you have to turn off the lights, right when you have the popcorn and the blankets the exact way you want it, is something that we all experience. But thanks to Lutron’s newest dimmer,”Rania’ you do not need to get up to turn off the lights or even go completely dark.  It comes with an auto load sensing capability thanks to its IR sensor. It even comes with a short term memory so that it will know what your last preferred light level was for a movie. You can integrate the dimmer to work with your universal remote so that when you play the movie, the lights will dim automatically without an issue. When planning on redoing the circuits, ask the custom built homes Brisbane to replace the traditional switch in the media room.

There are even superb inventions for speakers to go with a great screen like the Amina’s invisible in-wall speakers which you install into the wall and then Yamaha’s YSP-2200 digital sound projector. You can buy almost all of these through the manufacturer’s site and get it delivered to your doorstep.